LDNIO 3 Port Adapter Ldnio 3x USB Wall Adapter Λευκό (A3301)

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LDNIO 3 Port Adapter

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Quickly charge your favorite gadgets with the powerful Ldnio A3301 charger. It has 3 USB outlets with a maximum power of 3.1A so you can charge at the same time three of the devices you have. Made of premium & durable materials, but also with a unique design, you will instantly distinguish it from the common chargers that you have known so far. It's not just a charger but also a modern and reliable accessory that goes hand in hand with the high design of modern gadgets. It has an intelligent system to protect your devices from overload, while the sophisticated circuit will give the device exactly the energy it needs in the shortest possible time. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Input voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz Maximum Power 3.1A Output voltage: DC5V/3.1A, 15.5W Dimensions: 60mm X 24mm X 89mm Color: White - Gray

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