Spigen Optic.TR Camera Lens Screen Protector Iphone 12 Pro Max - 2 Pieces - Black (AGL01797)


17,50 €

product description

Anti-scratch glass Spigen Optik.tR Camera Lens Protector Tempered Glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max by Spigen.
Made of glass that has undergone special heat treatment to increase its resistance to bumps, scratches and other types of damage. Its material is such that even sharp objects such as keys will not "hurt" the camera of your mobile phone.
o Specially designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera
o Protect the camera from scratches, damage as well as fingers
o Full camera coverage and operation
o Easy installation without blisters
o Compatible with Spigen cases
o Eleophobic coating
o Includes 2 pieces
o Hardness 9H
o Perfect fit
o Color: Black
o Dimensions: 30.75 x 33.20 x 1.42mm

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