Panzi King Earphones

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Panzi King Earphones

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These new headphones with high sound quality are what you're looking for to help you enjoy a happy "concert" anywhere, anytime. Advanced driver housings are designed and built with solid soundproofing material, reducing external noise, minimizing sound leakage, delivering exceptional sound performance with deep and rich bass. The 3.5mm audio jack can be compatible with smartphones and other devices such as iPhone, Android phones, mp3, etc.The design of the headphones is based on an ergonomic arc model, which can fit perfectly into the ear and make it comfortable. The snake-shaped cable is hard, pull-resistant, it's not easy to wrap and the button control system on it can help you easily answer the phone or check the music playback. Speaker size: 10mm Frequency range: 18-20,000 hz Sensitivity: 116 dB Independence: 32Ω Cable length: 120cm Jack: 3.5mm

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